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| Updated on Apr 10, 2016

Try typical Cambodian meals with Cambodian visa

The magical sites in Cambodia such as the temples of Angkor Thor, Angkor Wat in Siem Reap overwhelm many of those travelling to the Asia country.

Get your Cambodia visa online now and travel there to see the breathtaking country in Asian as you enjoy their delicious meals.

visa cambodia try meals

However, Cambodian meals are often overlooked for unknown reasons. It is important that you look out for a number of meals that you can not afford to miss.

A first time sampling and you will never miss out ever again! Some of the common dishes in the Asian country include:

Fish amok: a well know Cambodian dish, fish amok is made from an addition of slok ngor – a local herb that brings out the bitter flavor putting the Cambodian version in its lane. It is made of coconut milk, kroeung, garlic, galangal and finger roots among other ingredients.

Lap Khmer: known to be the Khmer lime-marinated beef salad, the dish is popular in the country and features quickly seared or cooked beef slices that are lime juice marinated. The meal is commonly dressed with lemongrass, garlic, Asian basil, shallots and green pepper and beans. This is a meal that refreshes with more beef than salad. It is common for Khmer men and mainly served grilled.

Kdam chaa: the fried crab dish is a common meal in the Cambodian seaside; especially the town of Kep. The dish is prepared with green Kampot pepper that grows locally. The seaside town is famous for dried crabs and thus the dish has become a mainframe meal for the city.

Fried fish: commonly referred to as fried fish on the fire lake, the meal is prepared in style to bring out the typical Khmer touch. Some dishes are served in special occasions and thus the need to preserve some of the fresh coconut milk. Made in tradition for parties and even restaurants, the meal is served in a special dish in the shape of a fish, just like the name mentions.

There are many meals that you should try while visiting beautiful Cambodia. It is important though that you check out common types for a chance to enjoy beauty and tradition of the Cambodian people.

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