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| Updated on Apr 24, 2016

Try Cambodian foods with Visa to Cambodia

Perhaps the most overlooked Asian cuisine

Cambodia food has become a common idea for those visiting the Asian region. Considered a lesser fair deal to the Vietnamese or the Thai versions, Cambodian food has gone unrewarded. You can now learn a tip or two about Cambodia food that will make you believe otherwise. You can now apply for your Cambodia visa online.


Since Cambodia was a French colony for many years, there are many French dishes in the country.

A typical Cambodia meal would have soup, main dish with fish, salad, rice and vegetables. Normally, Cambodian dessert comes with sticky rice and fresh fruits thus complementing the meal.

The food culture in this country makes them a wonderful place to visit and stay. Fish from fresh waters and rice are a huge part of the meals here since the duo is available in abundance.

Coconut milk is a common ingredient in making most of the Cambodian meals. Common, typical Cambodia foods include:

  • Samlor Machu Trey: the sour and sweet soup with fishmeal is typical for the Cambodians. It is easy to make and comes out tasty with fish, celery, garlic, bean sprouts and tamarind juice among other ingredients.

  • Fish Amok: this is the national dish. Made of steamed coconut fish within the banana leaves.

  • Twa Ko: the Cambodian sausage made of beef or pork together with other spices. Containing low fat, the main ingredient is preferably pork belly. The meal can be grilled, barbecued or pan-fried among other styles.

  • Bai Sach Chrouk is a popular street food option in Siem Reap and across Cambodia. It consists of barbecue pork, eggs and rice served with broth and pickled cucumbers.

  • Char kroeung is made with a kroeung paste and typically added to other chicken stir fry ingredients

  • Kuy teav is a noodle soup made with rice noodles, pork stock and other toppings
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