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| Updated on Nov 26, 2015

Electronic Visa to Cambodia with Visa: The Quick Way to Get Your Visa

Cambodia is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination. According to Cambodia's Tourist Information Department, the influx of tourist arrivals has increased by 5.4% since October 2014.

To better handle a growing tourist economy, Cambodia changed their visa processing system in 2006, switching from the often long and frustrating process of applying for a visa at a consulate, to an entirely online Cambodia visa processing system

The hope was that, by processing visas more quickly, they could better manage all the tourists coming in and further spur their tourism industry.


The application process was meant to take only a few minutes. Once complete, the traveler received an eVisa via e-mail inbox on the same day. Unfortunately, this has not been the case, as going through any branch of government has proved to be a slow and complicated process. Luckily, there’s Visa Cambodia Online, by iVisa, a website that is solely devoted to processing your Cambodia Visa requests as quickly and conveniently as possible.

A Revolution in Visa Processing

Visa Cambodia Online by is not affiliated with the government in any way. was founded with the goal of saving travellers time and stress when trying to get a visa. Their innovative service provides the time and attention a government agency would be too busy to bother with. One attribute that sets them apart is their unique 24/7 support system, so there's always someone on call to help you through the tricky process of acquiring a visa. They also send automatic reminders before you travel, so you never forget your visa, saving you time, money, and embarrassment.

Cambodia eVisa is completely qualified to process visas, and they place a huge emphasis on security, so your sensitive information never falls into the wrong hands. Unlike the government website, they accept a variety of currencies, and the website can even be translated into twenty different languages so that, no matter where you're traveling from, the process is always transparent. Cambodia eVisa's application process is also guaranteed quick and easy. They have streamlined the application so it can be filled out in just a couple of minutes. Once submitted, your eVisa will be sent to you within one business day, or even within thirty minutes if you opt for rush service. With Cambodia eVisa, it's easy to fill out an application today and be on a plane tomorrow.

Cambodia is a beautiful country with lots to offer. If you've ever dreamed of going there, stop dreaming and start the process! All you need to start the simple process of getting your visa is a passport that will be valid for at least six months at the time you arrive in Cambodia. Each eVisa is good for single entry and valid for thirty days from the date of entry. Stop stressing and start traveling with Cambodia eVisa!

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