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| Updated on Mar 22, 2016

Cambodia – The Next Generation of Freshwater Dining

Cambodia has always been prized for its pristine temples

but ever since Angelina Jolie played Lara Croft and made her way swinging through Cambodian temples in the famous Tomb Raider movie, hundreds of tourists visit Cambodia.

Some wonder how they can travel to such a wondrous and bountiful land. It’s easy to obtain a visa for entry into Cambodia – the government of Cambodia offers the Cambodia Visa online application, but it's not without conditions and steps that take some time. Or, if you wish to take a quicker route to obtaining a Cambodia Visa online, check out the user-friendly site, which offers fantastic customer service along with the ability to review the requirements for Visas of many countries. Some of the services include a 24/7 customer service professionals who will assist you to apply for a Cambodian iVisa, as well as accept various currencies and a reliable application process.


Along with many ancient Buddhist Temples, there are over 100 hotels to choose from, from the YMCA-type youth hostels to the opulence of 5-star resorts that are fit for a queen (cambodia-attractions).

In addition to touring the various tourist attractions that were made famous when Hollywood depicted the tombs of lost civilizations, you can take an off road trip and find adventure on a four-wheeler, enjoy the romance of the outdoor markets, and enjoy the true luxuries of Cambodia - the delicious authentic cuisine.

Traditional Cambodian fare consists of salads, a fish entrée, rice and vegetables http://www.cambodia-hotels. There would likely be a healthy dessert of fresh in-season fruit and perhaps some sticky rice. When you visit Cambodia, your pallet will allow you to see far beyond the infamous Angkor Wat ruins or the holistic lifestyle and the allure of the local natural communities – the real magic is in the delicacies that thrive in the fresh waters.

An everyday featured menu item is a freshwater catch of the day and fish plays a big part in the diet of the Cambodian culture. The rice fields and natural irrigation allow for an abundance of freshwater fish that deems Cambodia a natural resource for the finest cuisine. Having immediate access to such a freshly prepared dish is what gives Cambodian food the appeal – a rare and wholesome taste.

While you may never be ready to eat a spider (there are places in Cambodia that serve fried tarantulas), you can certainly apply for a Cambodian Visa online and experience the quiet beauty of Cambodia’s spiritual temples and healthy freshwater fish.

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