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| Updated on Dec 22, 2015

Cambodia Beach Escape to Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville Beach Escape in Cambodia

Ditch the busy streets of the city and get away to beaches of Sihanoukville and surrounding islands. One of Cambodia’s dream paradises is not within the city but lies on the elegant coastline. Not saying a busy walk through downtown isn’t exhilarating, especially touring temples. Keeping up with the faster pace of locals can drain a person after a while and that calls for a getaway. Grab your Cambodia visa and beach towel you’re going to need it for fun in the sun!

Cambodia beach

Making your way to the water should lead to a wondrous world of serenity and bliss. One of Cambodia’s hidden gems is truly a satisfying experience. Sihanoukville. Ah, the timeless classic dashed with a sprinkle of local influence. A resort second to none on this cozy spot in the Gulf of Thailand. Plenty of islands dot the area and in the sand, rest dozens of grass huts offering food and cocktails. The absolute perfect time to vacation is between November and February. An abundance of sunshine and blue skies keep temperature in the 20-30’s (or 80 degrees F).

So what can you do on the islands or mainland of Sihanoukville? Pretty much anything you want, expect being a pirate. No commandeering a fishing boat to take to the open waters. Locals probably won’t like it too much. Instead, you could snorkel or scuba dive. The underwater world is quite spectacular!

Lounge in comfy, plush chairs while sipping on a Mai Tai or margarita. That sounds like the ideal getaway already. When the sun goes down, the fun begins. Restaurants and bars stay open until the last person stumbles out. With eight casinos and specialty restaurants, 24 hours is the golden time to spend in them. When sleep time calls, you have many choices for accommodations. Resorts to hotels ranging from a few dollars a night to thousands, depending on how much you want to spend. A beach hotel makes for a lovely choice. Wake up to a sunrise over the water. Quite romantic.

This happening spot in Cambodia gives visitors a unique trip and a chance to interact with a lot of locals. Be wary when you book a vacation though since it’s a popular area during peak season and on holiday weekends. If you aren’t looking for perfect warm weather, consider going during the off season. Rates are usually cheaper and crowds are thinner.

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