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| Updated on Aug 30, 2016

Boat From Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

There are many options to travel around Cambodia. You can travel by car, bus or boat. This will depend on your budget and your personal preference. If you pick the route from Phnom Penh to Siam Reap I would go for the boat ride. It was fun, quite an adventure and cheap. By bus and by car you don’t get to enjoy that feeling of fresh air on your face or that feeling of a 360-degree view. It was sensational coming down the river, watching the villages go by and waving to the children, seemed like a much more pleasant way to travel for me. I must confess there are times when boats are overbooked, be sure to plan in advance.

Before you travel to Cambodia: 1-Travel Insurance: It is crucial you have travel insurance before you travel to Cambodia. Medical care isn’t cheap and payment for emergency care is required in advance. Without insurance you won’t be receiving care.

Leaving aside the medical care, your travel insurance covers other situations such as: canceled trips to delayed flights, from stolen cameras to lost baggage.

Just make sure your travel insurance has a high coverage limit and covers the activities you’re going to do.

2-Visa: There are several types of visas for Cambodia: Tourist visa, Business or Ordinary Visa, Diplomatic Visa and the e-Visa.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation began to allow the use of e-Visa’s in 2006, in order to make visa applications easier and quicker. This is a single entry visa with a validity of 3 months. This visa allows a maximum stay of 30 days. You may apply for a Cambodia tourist visa online through the following link or through the goverment website

Apply for an e-Visa in 3 Easy Steps! -Fill out an online application -Pay the service fee $37 -Print email with e-Visa and show at the checkpoint in Cambodia

Pick Your Cambodia Boat!

1- Ferry: Ferries between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap run between the months of July and March. They do not run during the dry season when the water levels are low. It is a nice way to travel since you can see the countryside go by while enjoying fresh air. The trip can take between four and eight hours. The ferries leave at 7:30a.m. from the Phnom Penh Port on Sisowath Quay.

2- Speedboat: Enjoy a speedboat ride that takes you to the floating villages. The speedboat will take you around the Tonle Sap Lake where you can also visit the floating Buddhist temple, floating church, floating basketball court and more importantly floating orphanage (bring some packed foods from town like instant noodles, bottled water, rice or simply chocolates to be donated to the orphans).

Royal palace cambodia

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