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| Updated on Dec 12, 2015

Best Cambodia Hostels to Stay In While Visiting

Visit Cambodia with the Best Hostels in Town

Cheap travel doesn’t mean low quality. Check out some of the best hostels to stay at while in Cambodia.Seeing the world doesn’t mean running up credit card debt. If you’re young and free this is definitely something you don’t want to do. Traveling to Cambodia? Ditch the expensive 5 star hotels with room service. After all you’re visiting to dive into the diverse cultural atmosphere, not to see freshly ironed sheets, right? Good news, there are hostels ready to enhance your experience while leaving money in your wallet. All you’ll need is a reservation and a Cambodia visa.

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Let’s not get lost in the different types or freaked out because you’ve watched one too many horror films. Hostels are a perfect way to travel the country without spending an arm and a leg. Most hostels offer guests clean, safe and fun stays while keeping up with technological needs. Here are a few locations to look into when planning a trip:

Siem Reap Rooms Rated as the top hostel to stay in while touring Cambodia, Siem Reap Rooms offer guests a one of a kind experience. Each bed is equipped with electrical outlets for convenience and balconies in every group bedroom. Located close to the hub of Cambodia, it’s ideal for walking to and from. Bonus, the price ranges from $4-$22 USD per night depending on location as there are multiple sites. Can’t go wrong with that!

Aura Thematic Hostel in Phnom Penh Located at the heart of the city and is quite unique. Each room is decorated to create a completely different feel and “set the mood” if you will. Scents, furniture and paint color all align to create a relaxing atmosphere for each guest! Price is around $13 USD.

19 Happy House Backpackers Free Wi-Fi, restaurant and bar. Perfect for those of you wanting traveling with a group of friends ready to have some fun and meet other globe roamers. Even better perk is the option for a private bathroom! It goes for around $3 USD a night.

The White Rabbit Clean and spacious rooms available. The delicious dining experience offers both local and Western dishes for whatever your stomach feels up to. A TV room has movies and game consoles for when you’re not out walking the streets for adventure. Oh, and there are cheap cocktails sure to tickle your taste buds. A friendly staff is always willing to help you with questions about the area as well. All for about $3 USD a night.

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