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| Updated on Jul 29, 2016

Eating Local and Staying Healthy in Cambodia

After almost one year of traveling and not getting sick once, I can assure you the following tips will help you stay healthy while traveling in Cambodia.

How to stay healthy while traveling? 1- Wash your hands often: I know this sounds basic but sometimes people think their hands are clean and don’t need to be washed. When traveling we are constantly exposed to germs. If we are not holding to railings on public transportation, we are sitting in public benches or handling money. Pretty much everything we do when traveling is constantly being in touch with germs. Be sure to carry with you an anti-bacterial hand gel in case you don’t have access to soap or a sink to wash your hands in.

2- Eat very well cooked food: You never know where the food you are eating has been. You don’t know if it has been properly refrigerated or properly manipulated. So many doubts regarding food when traveling, that to keep healthy it’s best to order well-cooked food. This way we know any possible bacteria will be killed with the high temperatures when being cooked.

3- Drink Bottled Water: Those nice and cold fruit shakes sold in the street may look very tempting and mouth watering with the heat but you don’t know if the water used to make them is purified. Or maybe they tell you the water used has been purified but then there’s the distrust if the ice it contains has been made with tap water. If you’re uncertain what water has been used to make fruit shakes or to make ice then stick to bottled water. If doubtful, stay on the safe side and drink bottled water.

4- Peel Fruits and Vegetables: When away from home eating fruits and vegetables is not an easy option or necessarily a healthy one. I remember craving red apples for some reason. I think our bodies know what to ask for. Apples can be peeled and this is great to avoid getting sick. I would constantly eat apples and bananas to give my body vitamins and nutrients to keep me going. You may probably crave other fruits. The important thing to remember is to always try to eat fruits and vegetables you can peel such as: apples, bananas, carrots, avocados, oranges, papayas, etc. And avoid lettuce or veggies with skin such as tomatoes.


Important: Cambodia is a country with poor sanitation. It is important to try to avoid getting sick. If you were to fall seriously ill you should head to Phnom Penh or Siem Reap. These are the only places with decent emergency treatments.

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