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| Updated on Dec 31, 2015

Best Three Restaurants in Phnom Penh

Best Three Restaurants in Phnom Penh

Cambodian tourism may not enjoy the same level of popularity as its nearby neighbors such as Vietnam or Thailand, but there are still lots of wonderful local dishes for you to enjoy the next time you travel to the capital, Phnom Penh. Here are some of the best restaurants you’ll find in the city with your Cambodia visa

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If you want to dive into Cambodian tourism and cuisine, Malis is a wonderful place to begin your gastronomical journey. The owner is a celebrity chef named Luu Meng, whose mission is to raise worldwide appreciation for Cambodian cuisine. Everything in the restaurant is sourced from inside Cambodia. Adventurous eaters can try delicacies such as samlor korko, a pumpkin soup served with pork ribs and prohok ktis, which is a fermented river fish, pork, and coconut milk dish. Malis also features an expansive wine list for you to enjoy. Even the décor is pure Cambodia, featuring reflecting pools and stone Buddhas. Malis open for breakfast at six in the morning, closes at two, and then switches to dinner, reopening at six in the evening and staying open until ten at night.


If you want to enjoy some wonderful Cambodian food and support a great cause while enjoying your Cambodia visa, then Romdeng should be on your list. Romdeng is operated by a NGO whose mission is to help get kids off the streets by giving them jobs at the restaurant and the opportunity to learn a trade. The restaurant features many delicious and exotic items, including beef loklak, fish amok, and even deep fried tarantula. The décor is beautiful as well, with a lap pool as the border for one side of the restaurant. Romdeng opens at eleven for lunch and stays open until nine in the evening.

Ponlok Restaurant

If you feel you want a little more guidance as you explore Cambodian cuisine, then Ponlok is a great place to start. Ponlok serves traditional Khmer cuisine, and the English menu is designed to introduce foreigners to all of the different dishes that they can try. The restaurant also has some wonderful views of the river if sit on the upper level. Additionally, you can eat here on the cheap – the average price for a rather large plate is anywhere from three to four dollars. Ponlok Restaurant opens for breakfast at 7:30 in the morning and stays open until 10:30 at night.

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