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| Updated on Dec 4, 2015

Best Places to Visit in Phnom Penh

Cambodia is a country steeped in centuries of history, and that history has left behind tons of beautiful ruins and artifacts, most notably the national symbol of Cambodia, Angkor Wat.

However, Cambodia is also a country that has been engulfed in violence for the last century, which has left its own legacy behind. Here are some of the best historical sites and monuments to the victims of various conflicts around Phnom Penh you can see with your Cambodia visa


Silver Pagoda

The Silver Pagoda is a 19th-century temple that currently houses some of the countries national treasures, such as Buddha statues made out of gold and jewels, and is one of the best Cambodia tourism attractions available. Some of the highlights that you can see there include a small baccarat crystal Buddha that dates from the 17th century and a life-sized Buddha crafted from gold and decorated with 9,582 diamonds. Additionally, the interior is painted with a beautifully colored and highly detailed mural painted around the turn of the century by 40 Khmer artists.

National Museum

The National Museum of Phnom Penh is a great way to introduce yourself to Cambodia tourism and history. Featuring wonderful artifacts both from the famed Angkor Wat and outside of it, the National Museum has a wonderful collection of stone statues created with painstaking craftsmanship. The museum is designed around a beautiful, calm courtyard so you can take your time as you explore the objects on display.

Silk Island

Located just north of Phnom Penh, Silk Island is home to a bunch of small villages where silk weavers practice traditional methods of silk weaving and is great way to experience the authentic site a Cambodia visa can open up to you. The silk weavers have a reputation for friendliness and welcome visitors to learn more about their intricate craft. Also, the cloth that they are weaving is all for sale, and at much cheaper rates than you would encounter in a market. Silk Island is also a great place to go swimming and spend a hot day in the great Cambodian outdoors.

Choeung Ek

This monument stands as a reminder of the violence the Cambodian people had to endure at the hands of the Khmer Rouge. Built on the site of the famous Killing Fields, more than one million people were executed and buried here during the violence that defined the Khmer Rouge’s rule. The monument is marked by a Buddhist stupa that is filled with over 5000 human skulls recovered from the mass graves. A frightening reminder of Cambodia’s violent past but an important way to honor the victims of the conflict.

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